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Tarot Cards related to The Element:

In tarot, each of the five main cards corresponds to one of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each of these elements has its own characteristics and symbolic meanings that influence the interpretation of the cards associated with them.
Earth, as a stable and lasting element, often refers to material, financial and bodily matters. Earth-related cards can symbolize stability, work capacity, and practicality.

Water, as a fluid and changing element, often refers to emotions and feelings. Cards related to water can symbolize intuition, sensitivity and the need to connect with other people.

Fire, as a dynamic and expansive element, often refers to energy, passion and creativity. Fire cards can symbolize action, initiative and motivation.

Air, as a mobile and extremely changeable element, often refers to thoughts and ideas. Air cards can symbolize intellect, communication, and change.

Sometimes you can meet Ether, as a spiritual and intangible element, it refers to the connection with the spirit and the inner self. Cards related to the ethereal element can symbolize transcendence, spirituality and higher goals.

All these elements have their own characteristics and meanings that affect the interpretation of the cards associated with them. Interpreting tarot cards in the context of the elements can help us understand various aspects of life and help us make decisions in line with our values and needs.

Earth Element


All cards from Suit of Pentacles are related to Earth element.

Water Element


All cards from Suit of Cups are related to Water element.

Air Element


All cards from Suit of Swords are related to Air element.

Fire Element


All cards from Suit of Wands are related to Fire element.