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Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is the seventh card in the Swords suit of the Minor Arcana.

Card meaning

This card often portrays a sneaky or sly figure, attempting to steal away with seven swords, while leaving two behind. The scene can be one of a camp or a quiet town, suggesting a covert operation under the cover of darkness or distraction. The person’s expression is typically one of mischief, deceit, or strategy.

The Seven of Swords points to tactics, stealth, and strategy. It could signify acting behind the scenes or employing indirect methods to achieve a goal. The card often implies deception, either being deceived by someone or perhaps deceiving oneself. It’s a reminder to be cautious and to consider if everything is as it appears on the surface. The Seven of Swords also suggests that a secretive or indirect approach might be necessary in a situation, but one should consider the long-term consequences of such actions. While this card can sometimes indicate betrayal, it also underscores the importance of strategic thinking, especially when faced with challenges or competition.

Use strategy and cunning, but be wary of deceit, either from others or oneself.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

In a love context, the Seven of Swords may hint at deceit, betrayal, or secrets in a relationship. One party might not be entirely open or honest about their feelings or intentions. For singles, it can suggest a cautionary tale to be aware of potential lovers who may not be genuine. The card encourages honest communication and transparency in matters of the heart.

Card about Health

When it comes to health, this card might indicate that someone is not being entirely honest about a medical issue or that there’s a need to seek a second opinion. It’s a nudge to listen to one’s intuition and not overlook any signs or symptoms.

Tarot Card in Finances

Financially, the Seven of Swords advises caution. There might be hidden factors or deceit related to money matters. It’s crucial to be wary of any deals that seem too good to be true or individuals who might be trying to take advantage. Always read the fine print and double-check information.

Jobs: Strategists, spies, detectives, undercover agents, and any profession requiring cunning, discretion, or indirect approaches.

The Seven of Swords emphasizes strategy, caution, and potential deceit.

General meaning: Strategy, Deception, Secrecy, Cunning, Betrayal, Tactics, Evasion, Subtlety, Mischief, Guile.
Places: Hidden or secretive places, detective agencies, places of intrigue, or locations where covert operations occur.

Reversed Card

When reversed, the Seven of Swords can indicate a plot being uncovered or secrets being revealed. It might also suggest that strategies employed are not working and there’s a need for a more direct approach.

Numerological vibration : 7
Card number: 7
Type pf Suit: Swords
Other names: Deceit, Stealth, Covert.

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