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Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a court card in the suit of Wands, following the Knight of Wands and preceding the King of Wands in the Minor Arcana.

Card meaning

The Queen of Wands is depicted as a confident woman, often seated upon a throne adorned with lions or symbols of strength. She holds a blooming wand, indicative of life and creativity, while a sunflower, representing joy and positivity, may be seen in the background or in her hand. A black cat, symbolic of her independent and intuitive nature, often sits at her feet.

The Queen of Wands embodies self-assurance, vibrancy, and a fiery passion. She is magnetic and draws people to her with her charisma and warmth. This card encourages you to lead with confidence, to be bold and fearless, yet also to balance this with kindness and generosity. The Queen is a master of manifestation, using her determination and vision to bring her desires into reality. She signifies a period where you harness your potential and inner strength to achieve your goals. Moreover, the Queen of Wands is deeply intuitive and trusts her gut feelings, guiding her in her endeavors.

Lead with confidence, embracing your inner fire and intuition.

The Queen of Wands represents an individual who is charismatic, confident, passionate, and full of energy. They radiate positivity, are deeply intuitive, and possess a magnetic charm that draws people to them.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

In love, the Queen of Wands signifies a relationship that is filled with passion, warmth, and loyalty. It can indicate a partner who is both fierce and nurturing or a phase in a relationship characterized by deep bonding and vivacity. If you’re single, the Queen suggests that you might attract someone with her traits: confident, attractive, and full of life. Additionally, she encourages you to embrace self-love and to recognize your self-worth.

Card about Health

Regarding health, the Queen of Wands is a reminder to nurture your inner fire and vitality. Engaging in activities that boost your energy and spirits, like exercise or pursuing hobbies, can be beneficial. The Queen also emphasizes the importance of mental well-being, suggesting meditation or other practices to maintain a positive mindset.

Tarot Card in Finances

Financially, the Queen of Wands is a positive omen. She suggests that you have the creativity and determination to thrive in your financial ventures. The card may also indicate that now is a time to be confident in your financial decisions and to use your intuition to guide you. Investments or projects undertaken with passion and dedication are likely to bear fruit.

Jobs: Occupations that require charisma, leadership, creativity, and intuition. Examples include motivational speakers, event organizers, artists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual guides.

The Queen of Wands reminds us to harness our potential, trust our intuition, and lead with a balance of strength and grace.

General meaning: Charisma, Confidence, Passion, Intuition, Vibrancy, Determination, Warmth, Creativity, Magnetism, Nurturing.
Places: Vibrant places filled with energy and warmth such as theaters, art studios, sunlit gardens, bustling marketplaces, and spiritual retreats.

Reversed Card

In its reversed position, the Queen of Wands may signify insecurity, jealousy, or an overbearing nature.

Numerological vibration : 4
Card number: 13
Type pf Suit: Wands
Other names: The Mistress of Wands.

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.