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Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles is the fourth card in the suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.

Card meaning

A man sits on a stone bench, holding tightly to a pentacle, which he cradles protectively close to his chest. Beneath him, two pentacles are securely placed under his feet, while another pentacle rests atop his head. The city walls are seen behind him, suggesting confinement or limitation. His posture and demeanor signify possession, control, and a strong resistance to letting go.

The Four of Pentacles speaks of the desire to hold onto one’s possessions and resist any form of change. It represents a fear of loss, especially in terms of material wealth or status. While it acknowledges the importance of financial security, this card warns against being overly guarded or miserly. Holding too tightly to what we have can prevent us from opening up to new opportunities and experiences. Security is essential, but when it becomes an obsession, it can lead to stagnation and limit personal growth. This card also speaks of setting boundaries, though it reminds us to ensure they’re not excessively rigid.

Seek balance in securing what you have, but don't let fear stifle growth.

Someone cautious, security-focused, resistant to change, and possibly materialistic.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

In the realm of love, the Four of Pentacles suggests holding back feelings or being overly protective of one’s heart. It can indicate a fear of vulnerability, leading to potential issues in deepening a relationship. For singles, this card can hint at the need to release past hurts to welcome new love. In established relationships, it may warn against being too possessive or controlling.

Card about Health

In terms of health, the Four of Pentacles can indicate being rigid or inflexible in one’s health routines or beliefs. It might suggest the need to loosen up and try new wellness approaches. It can also signify holding onto stress or tension, physically manifesting as tightness or blockages.

Tarot Card in Finances

On the financial front, the Four of Pentacles highlights a strong focus on saving, perhaps to the point of being overly frugal or stingy. It can signify a period of financial stability, but also warns against being too miserly or fearful of spending. While saving is commendable, this card reminds one of the joys and benefits of generosity.

Jobs: Bankers, financial planners, treasurers, security personnel, and property managers.

The Four of Pentacles prompts reflection on the balance between preserving what we have and remaining open to growth and change.

General meaning: Security, Possession, Control, Stability, Resistance, Caution, Miserliness, Boundaries, Rigidity, Materialism.
Places: Banks, vaults, secure facilities, storerooms, and safety deposit boxes.

Reversed Card

When reversed, the Four of Pentacles can indicate a release of control, being open to sharing, or it may warn of financial instability and recklessness.

Numerological vibration : 4
Card number: 4
Type pf Suit: Pentacles
Other names: Four of Coins.

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