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Five of Cups

The Five of Cups is the fifth card in the Cups suit of the Minor Arcana.

Card meaning

The card depicts a figure cloaked in black, standing before three overturned cups with a liquid spilling out. Behind the figure, two upright cups remain, but he doesn’t seem to notice them, as he’s deeply engrossed in the loss represented by the spilled cups. In the background, there’s often a river with a bridge leading to a castle or home in the distance.

The Five of Cups symbolizes grief, disappointment, and focusing on what’s been lost rather than what remains. The three spilled cups represent a loss or regret that occupies the person’s attention. However, the two upright cups behind the individual hint at the potential for healing, hope, and the possibility of moving forward. This card urges one to shift their perspective and not get stuck in the past or in feelings of loss. While mourning is a natural part of life, dwelling solely on setbacks without recognizing potential future joys can halt emotional growth. The card is a reminder that every ending brings a new beginning and that it’s crucial to acknowledge pain but also to see the silver lining or the lessons that come with it.

Acknowledge your feelings of loss, but don't forget to recognize and embrace the blessings that remain.

Someone experiencing grief, regret, or disappointment, struggling to move past a painful event or realization.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

In the context of love, the Five of Cups might indicate a recent breakup, a rift in a relationship, or lingering feelings of regret or betrayal. It’s a reminder not to get so consumed by past heartbreaks that one misses out on the possibility of future happiness or reconciliation. For those single, it suggests the need to release past hurts to welcome new love.

Card about Health

Regarding health, this card might suggest lingering on past health choices and their consequences. It’s a call to learn from past habits and to focus on positive changes and healing rather than ruminating on previous missteps.

Tarot Card in Finances

Financially, the Five of Cups can indicate regret over a missed opportunity or a poor financial decision. It’s a reminder to learn from past mistakes and not to dwell on them, but rather to make informed choices in the future.

Jobs: Grief counselor, therapist, historian, archaeologist, or any role centered around processing past events or losses.

The Five of Cups underscores feelings of loss and regret but encourages a shift in focus to what possibilities still lie ahead.

General meaning: Grief, Loss, Regret, Focus, Nostalgia, Pain, Healing, Perspective, Mourning, Hope.
Places: Places of remembrance like cemeteries, memorial sites, or historical sites signifying past events.

Reversed Card

When reversed, the Five of Cups suggests a shift from dwelling on the past to looking forward to the future. It might indicate the beginning stages of healing, acceptance, and moving on from grief or regret.

Numerological vibration : 5
Card number: 5
Type pf Suit: Cups
Other names: Cups of Regret, Mourning Chalice, Vessel of Loss.

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