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The World

The Major Arkana card, marked with number twenty one.

Card description

The World is a card marked with the number twenty-one, which completes the deck of the Great Arkana and concludes at the same time the metaphorical journey of the Fool through the Arcana. The ending, however, is at the same time a new beginning, an invitation to another journey, and a gateway through which to enter a new dimension of consciousness.

The World Card shows a naked woman floating against a blue sky, surrounded by a green wreath. Green is the color of hope, while the shape of the wreath expresses the successive cycle of beginnings and endings. According to some, it also resembles a woman’s womb surrounding a woman on the card, which may be a symbolic announcement of rebirth and the beginning of the life cycle anew. In some decks at the feet of a woman there is an image of a globe symbolizing the world as we know it. There are two white canes in the woman’s hands. The heavenly wreath is surrounded by four beings, which are symbols of the four evangelists and the four geographic directions. These creatures are the lion, the bull, the eagle, and the human. It is sometimes believed that these creatures embody the four cardinal virtues, namely prudence, justice, bravery and moderation.

Openness, dissimilarity, tolerance, diversity, versatility, journey, development, understanding, perspective, future, remoteness, distance.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The appearance of the World card in the Tarot schedule proves that we have reached a certain level of inner maturity. It says that we have managed to do some important life lesson and that we are now on the threshold of a new stage of life. New opportunities and perspectives are opening up for us, new dreams and plans emerge. A time of new sowing is coming for us, when we will make important decisions to shape our future. The effects of these decisions may be felt for us only in the coming years. The World Card, related to the planet Saturn, usually refers to long periods of time, exceeding the next weeks or months.

The World Charter also speaks of an open mind, education and broadening one’s own horizons. The card encourages us to expand, to make contacts, to meet new people, places and cultures. It talks about experiences that enrich us internally and allow us to look at the world around us in a more universal way. The decayed world advises us not to close ourselves to change, but to stay optimistic and flexible. For this reason, this card is often considered a symbol of youth – both physically and internally. It informs about the curiosity of the world and the ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances that often characterize young people.

The World card, depending on the timetable, may mean starting your studies or traveling a long distance. It is often associated with a change of place of residence or with a significant change in lifestyle. It means situations and places where we establish new contacts and expand our knowledge, for example a university.

In relation to a person, the World card usually denotes a young person who is entering adult life or is on the threshold of important life decisions. It can also be a person from another country, whose meeting brings with it a greater openness to different ways of thinking and acting than those we have professed so far.

Card can represents places like Airport, Railway Station, Travel Agency, International Form Headquarters, Border Crossing, Customs, New City, New Country or New Continent.

Everything you’ve worked for begins to exist.

We live in a wonderful world full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can experience as long as we search for them with our eyes open.
(Jawaharial Nehru)

Reversed Card

Reversed World Card speaks about weakness, stress, delay, aggressiveness, intolerance and inappropriate approach to the situation and environment. Card in this position also mean unfinished plans, delayed success or that some plans have been interrupted.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

In the area of love and relationships, The World Card talks about the possibility of falling in love with a foreigner or entering into a relationship with a person representing a different culture. The card speaks of the fascination with the “otherness” of someone we meet on our way. It signals openness to the other person’s otherness, but also the need for difficult compromises and making important life decisions about the future. The world talks about the possibility of emigrating to another country in order to be with a loved one.

In some schedules, the World card indicates late entry into a relationship, a long search for a mate, and a prolonged lack of emotional stability. Sometimes, when it comes to love, the World card identifies a person who loves to flirt but does not feel like a permanent relationship. He is someone who changes partners frequently, and the relationships he enters into are superficial.

Card about Health

The World card may mean health problems resulting from stress and excessive use of one’s own organism. It suggests headaches and nervous problems.

Tarot Card in Finances

In the area of work and finances, The World tab is usually a positive omen. He suggests work related to travel, the flow of information, the movement of people, goods and goods over a long distance. The card also signifies the emergence of a professional opportunity that we have been waiting for for a long time. The prospect of professional development in the direction that interests us appears before us. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity, because Tarot argues that in a given area, the world is open to us.

In a negative position, The World card may suggest professional burnout and the need for a longer vacation.

Jobs: remote work, Internet-related activities, work in an international company, travel-related work, work at heights, work in the field of new technologies. An activity that requires you to travel a lot or keep in touch with colleagues over long distances.
Card number: 21
The World Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 3
Hebrew letter: Tav ת

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