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The Tower

The Major Arkana card, marked with number sixteen.

Card description

The Tower Tarot Card, marked with the number sixteen, like Death and the Devil, carries with it violent energies of destruction and radical transformation. The corresponding planet of this card is Mars, whose fiery nature emphasizes the destructive and transformative power of this card. The tower visible on it is a soaring structure rising to the sky. It symbolizes the structures we build – family, social and professional structures that give our lives stability. They are also patterns, beliefs and values ​​that give us a sense of security on a daily basis. Lightning falling from the sky and hitting the top of the tower foreshadows the rapid disintegration of these structures, which we can feel very painfully. A lightning bolt knocks down the golden crown, which previously crowned the building, from the top of the tower. The crown falling from above symbolizes the fall of the values ​​and ideals that we have placed on the pedestal so far. In this way, the Tower card signals events that will force us to reevaluate our aspirations and life goals. We may be forced to build our value system all over again. After all, flames crawl out of the window and from the top of the tower, which turn into ruins the symbolic order we cultivate, which defined the framework of our functioning in the family, in a relationship, at work or in another area of ​​life. On both sides of the tower shown on the card there are people falling head down into the abyss. Perhaps these are people who jumped out of the decaying building on their own, trying to save their lives. Their collapse is yet another manifestation of the collapse of the structures in which they operate. Old beliefs and values ​​must collapse in order for a new order to emerge from the chaos.

Decay, destruction, shake, transformation, trauma, renewal, suffering, despair, loss, release, abandonment

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The Tower Card appearing in the decay is, in its basic meaning, a harbinger of radical changes, as a result of which the existing framework of our functioning will be shaken and destroyed. The Tower is a symbol of inevitable disintegration – by trying to resist it, we will only deepen our own suffering. This card often tells about a breakdown of a relationship, about betrayal, about a broken trust, about the loss of a loved one, about a random accident or about a sudden illness that makes us reevaluate our lives and reorganize our everyday life. It is a loss card that shocks us violently. It is possible that some people’s secrets or hidden intentions are revealed. Our illusions and those we have allowed ourselves to believe in collapse. We realize that the foundations on which we built our sense of security in a given area of ​​life are very fragile. The breakdown of beliefs and plans that we experience is a profoundly transformative energy. The most important thing is that we learn an important lesson from the events that come to us with the Tower card. Thanks to this, we will be able to build our future on a much more solid foundation.

With regard to a person, the Tower card indicates difficult and often even traumatic experiences that they have experienced or still have. The charter says you should take the past exactly as it was and start building your present in a whole new, constructive way.

Although the Tower card is associated with difficult energy of destruction and loss, there are also positive meanings in it. Depending on the distribution, this card may mean the collapse of the structures that held us captive and which prevented our inner growth. In this context, the Tower means the breakdown of a toxic relationship, breaking away from the influence of negative people, a radical change of life in the form of a change of place of residence or the loss of a job that has not brought us satisfaction for a long time. While we may now experience the feeling that we are losing ground, the Tower says we are at a point where we have the opportunity to build our lives anew.

Card can represents places like Natural disaster sites, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, high altitude sites, mountain areas, tall buildings.

Find your inner strength for the upcoming changes.

Z każdą minutą złości tracisz 60 sekund szczęścia.

Reversed Card

The inverted tower card shows big changes for the better. It can mean about some resolved problems but still felling the affect. It also talks about rebuilding or freeing yourself from someone or something.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

As a Card of destruction and loss, the Tower often signifies a breakup of a relationship, a divorce, a change in life plans. The card often says that we can experience abandonment and lose confidence in our partner. Our feelings will be put to a severe test that the relationship may not endure. Even if the relationship will eventually continue to function, it will be on completely different terms than before.

Card about Health

In the area of health, the Tower warns against accidents and injuries of all kinds, for example limb fractures. Unfortunately, this card may also predict a sudden breakdown in health, an unexpected diagnosis, and the need for long-term treatment. Sometimes this situation does not concern ourselves, but someone close to us. We may have to take responsibility for an elderly, sick person or take care of another member of our family. This experience will make us reflect deeply on our own life.

Tarot Card in Finances

In the area of finance, the Tower promises all kinds of losses and failures. It is a card of failed investments and unrealized projects. Sometimes the Tower means material loss in the form of a damaged car or the need to pay compensation. In addition, the Tower card advises you to take out appropriate insurance, for example when you go on holiday abroad.

Jobs: Worker at height, alpinist, firefighter, soldier, electrician, fireman, sapper, architect, bricklayer, painter, paramedic, geologist, surveyor
Card number: 16
The Tower Yes or No : No
Numerological vibration : 7
Hebrew letter: Pe פּ

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