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The Star

The Major Arkana card, marked with number seventeen.

Card description

The Star number seventeen is one of the most successful cards of the Great Arcans. Sometimes it is believed that the appearance of a Star in the distribution neutralizes the negative messages from the cards that appear in its vicinity. This card is identified with the zodiacal Aquarius, and therefore with a sign that is attributed to such features as freedom, independence, creativity, the pursuit of innovation and the unrestricted expression of thoughts and feelings. The element of Aquarius is air, but water is also associated with it, visible on the Star card in three places: in a pond and in two jugs, which are in the hands of a naked woman. A woman is kneeling over a pool into which she pours water from a single vessel, staring intently at its undulating surface. The water from the second pitcher seeps over the grass and eventually drains into the pond as well. Two jugs, the contents of which are joined together, symbolize abundance, the flow of life forces and generosity. Flowers bloom in the meadow surrounding the figure of a woman. More importantly, a centrally located golden star shines above her head, surrounded by seven smaller white stars. The brilliance of these stars signifies that the woman’s actions are in harmony with the governing cycles of the universe. The centrally located, golden star above her head is a symbol of care and help from the higher powers, fulfilling dreams and fulfilling wishes.

Hope, dream, inspiration, motivation, talent, gift, grace, revelation.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The Star Tarot Card is an announcement of fulfillment and gifts that we should accept and appreciate. In its most fundamental sense, this charter encourages you to follow your guiding star, that is, the ideals you profess. The card tells about realizing passions, about discovering your life calling, as well as about doing work that brings fulfillment and benefits other people. The star is the energy that encourages you to stop limiting yourself and to dare to reach higher and farther. It is not worth stopping at mediocre, not very ambitious goals, while being faithful to ourselves, we are actually able to reach the stars. It is not worth trying to be the same as the people around us if we have something special.

In relation to a person, the Star card often talks about hidden talents or about abilities that need to be developed and honed. These talents are very precious and it would be a waste to lose them. The star often refers to our creative potential, to the desires of our inner child, and to the children who come into our lives in general. When it comes to women, it can mean becoming pregnant. In addition, the benevolent energy of the Star makes us look more closely at our children, if we have them, and support them in developing their individual talents and abilities. It reminds that our children should be able to follow their own path, because each person has an individual, unique potential. The star speaks of the need to be surrounded by the care of what is fragile and fragile in us, but also what is especially valuable. It is also a card of generosity, which reminds us that whatever we give to others will eventually return to us and strengthen us – just like the water from a pitcher poured on the ground, which returns to the pool on the card and helps the wildflowers grow along the way.

In a negative aspect, the Star talks about wasting talent, about wasted potential, and about cutting herself off from her deep emotions. The Charter warns against pretending to be someone you are not in order to please others.

Card can represents places like Astronarium, theater, opera, park, garden, river, parks, gardens, plantations, art gallery, bathroom, beauty salon.

Through hardships to the stars.
(Latin sentence)

Reversed Card

The inverted card speaks of an arrogant, too self-absorbed person or a person with short horizont of view. Card may be talking about a person who imagines too much or even about empty hope or deception.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

The Star in the field of love and relationship signals a harmonious relationship, full of trust and tenderness. It is a relationship based on understanding and acceptance on a spiritual and emotional level. For those in love, the card is a harbinger of reciprocity in feelings. As we mentioned above, the Star suggests the possibility of an enlargement of the family and the emergence of a new member of it in the world. For women, it is a promise of a happy motherhood.

Card about Health

In the area of health, the Star is an auspicious omen. For patients, it means a healing process, effective treatment, and alleviation of disease symptoms. The card can talk about the use of homeopathic remedies for minor ailments. It may indicate possible lung problems or insomnia.

Tarot Card in Finances

In the profession field, the Star Card is an extremely successful omen. It means work in which we use our natural talents and predispositions, and which, in addition, give us genuine joy. The card is especially favorable for people with an artistic and creative flair, promising a flow of inspiration as well as positive news on a professional basis. In business, the card encourages the implementation of ambitious plans, talks about business development and the success that new, creative ideas can bring. Additionally, The Star, as a card associated with the Aquarius sign, speaks of the need to implement innovations in business and effective marketing via the Internet.

Jobs: Writer, singer, painter, poet, artist manager, designer, curator, museologist, professions related to nature, gardener, botanist, ornithologist, ecologist, professions related to the cosmetics industry.
Card number: 17
The Star Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 8
Hebrew letter: Tzaddi צ

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.