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The Moon

The Major Arkana card, marked with number eighteen.

Card description

The Moon Tarot card, marked with the number eighteen, has a rich and ambiguous symbolism, which makes it particularly difficult and ambiguous in interpretation. The card is dominated by the image of a full moon shining in the dark sky. Inscribed in the lunar shield is a human face with closed eyes, which means some kind of limitations in perception. Below are two stone towers and a howling dog and wolf. The animals and the towers are separated by a road, one end of which is lost somewhere on the horizon. On the other hand, at the beginning of the road there is a pond from which emerges cancer, which is a symbol of the water element.

The Moon card is closely related to the symbolism of water, because in nature the moon cycle regulates the tides of the seas and oceans. Water, on the other hand, represents deep emotions, hidden feelings and the subconscious. Cancer emerging from the water speaks of the emotions that hold us back and keep us from leaving where we are in life.

The Moon on the card symbolizes the world and dreams and illusions as well as being stuck in some type of illusion. At night, in the light of the moon, familiar objects and places take on an amazing, often disturbing appearance. Consequently, the Moon card speaks of our fears and anxieties that result from our wrong perception of reality. It signals flight into dreams, lush fantasy, excessive reliance on emotions and instincts. The latter are represented on the card by a wolf and a dog, both facing the lunar face. The animals are influenced by the moon – they appear restless and agitated, and their mouths open with a hint of barking or howling.

Illusion, dream, mystery, secret, shyness, delusion, expectation, hesitation.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The Moon Card in Tarot signifies the gate energy. It’s kind of a dead end between two stages of life, or between two paths of action. The card, therefore, means hesitation, inability to make a decision, lack of courage to go further along the path chosen by him. Hesitating, withdrawing, and uncertainty are symbolized on the card by a cancer that emerges from the pool but is unable to leave it. The Moon card thus represents the energies of stagnation, withdrawal and uncertainty. It can talk about the fact that we have been stuck in a situation for a long time that requires our action, but we do not notice it at all. Instead, we sink into a world of delusions, fantasies and dreams that we don’t even try to pursue. It is also possible that some internal, emotional blockages cause us to sabotage our own plans and look for excuses to be able to stay in our safe comfort zone without remorse.

The Moon card therefore speaks of external passivity and a strongly developed internal world, symbolized by cancer in the water. External passivity and high internal activity are one of the expressions of the duality that dominates the symbolism of the card. In the past, it was often thought that the Moon card signaled a split personality of some sort. It was thought that this card could be talking about a mental disorder. It is worth knowing that in the nineteenth century, people suffering from mental disorders, as well as epilepsy, were often called lunatics – those who were influenced by Luna, the goddess of the moon. It was also believed that the influence of the moon was responsible for the incidence of nocturnal wanderings and other activities of people who did not wake up from sleep.

The Decay Moon card warns against excessive passivity and detachment from reality. It suggests the need for grounding and a greater openness to other people. It says that we are at risk of loneliness and alienation, as well as emotional problems.

If we are hesitant to make a decision, the Moon card suggests a method of small steps. Sometimes it also tells us that we need outside help or inspiration to get out of limbo and shake off our stagnation.

Card can represents places like Spa, swimming pool, lake, sea, family home, place for women, nunnery.

Listen to your subconscious, look for answers and hints in your dreams.

The key is not to get fooled by the optical illusion, the exit is always closer than we think.
(Lauren DeStefano)

Reversed Card

The Reversed Moon tells us about lies, threats and false accusations. It can also be a fear, lack of self-confidence or some irrational behaviours.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

The energy of the moon is the energy of the feminine. Our natural satellite cycle is closely related to the woman’s menstrual cycle. For this reason, the Moon card in the field of love and relationship often speaks of a feeling that comes from a woman. With regard to long-term relationships, this card suggests the possibility of pregnancy and the expansion of the family.

As mentioned above, the Moon card is one of the most ambiguous Tarot cards and its interpretation can be problematic. In a negative aspect, the card speaks of the secrets, delusions, and illusions that arise in the relationship. Cold moonlight signifies an emotional coolness between partners. It informs about inner distance, about loneliness, about the inability to express the feelings that are hidden inside us very deeply.

Additionally, the card advises us to carefully look at the true intentions of those around us. We can be influenced by someone who will prove disastrous for us. Unfortunately, we can find out painfully that we have misjudged a situation or that we have become a victim of emotional manipulation.

Card about Health

As mentioned above, the Moon Card is sometimes considered a sign of a mental disorder. It can mean depression, nervous breakdown, obsessions, mythomania, but also hypochondria, i.e. a tendency to attribute various diseases to oneself. The moon is also a symbol of our fears and phobias. Additionally, this card symbolizes female diseases.

In its positive sense, in the case of a woman, it can herald pregnancy.

Tarot Card in Finances

In the area of work and finance, the Moon tab can have different meanings depending on the overall distribution. In business, the card warns against misjudging the situation and against hasty investing large sums of money and signing contracts. Someone may want to deceive us and take advantage of our trust. In addition, the card may mean a temporary stagnation in business or a period of incubation and preparation of a project or professional enterprise.

Jobs: Detectives, mystery shopers, tarot reader, ilusionist, psychics, gynecologist, midwife, make-up artist, plastic surgeon, beautician, make-up artist.
Card number: 18
The Moon Yes or No : No
Numerological vibration : 9
Hebrew letter: Kuf ק

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.