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The Empress

The Major Arkana card, marked with number three.

Card description

Like the The High Priestess, the Empress card depicts a woman in a seated position. However, while the Pope’s residence is a temple, the Empress sits on a throne lined with cushions and precious fabrics. In this way, it indicates abundance and the material, sensual side of life as well as the care of one’s own body. She is an archetypal mother, a fulfilled woman, able to bestow all good on others and appreciating the gifts of fate. Her divine, female energy is remembered by the shield with the symbol of Venus placed at the foot of the throne, the patroness of the material sign of Taurus, who cares for her home and loves music, culture and art at the same time.

Abundance, abundance, fulfillment, creativity, mother, motherhood, gift of fate, care, prosperity, mother's love, goddess, wealth, peace.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

It is not without reason that the Empress in Tarot card is assigned the number three, signifying the blessing of the higher powers and the fulfillment of wishes. This card is usually associated with creation, with motherhood and with all abundance – both on the spiritual and material levels. Sometimes the Empress is read as the maturation and transformation of the female energies presented on the Pope’s card preceding her. While the Pope means turning inside and the incubation period, the Empress symbolizes the putting into practice of new ideas and their manifestation on the plane of matter.

The Empress is a particularly good omen for women. It talks about fulfillment, about achieving goals, about the manifestation of our dreams on the plane of matter. It is a card of spiritual and material abundance that allows female energies to grow and flourish. It points to a happy and fulfilling family life. It can inform about important, positive events related to the functioning of the family, such as buying a house, moving to the countryside, becoming pregnant or the birth or adoption of a child.

This card marks the arrival of a stage in our lives in which we can enjoy the fruits of our previous work, as well as unexpected gifts of fate. It also talks about feeling inner peace, spiritual lightness and the happiness that we share with others. In addition, the card reminds you to remember about people who have less than us or who are currently experiencing difficult situations in moments of happiness. The Empress indicates that we can be generous to other people, and the good that we show them will certainly come back to us one day.

Card can represents places like trendy restaurants, exclusive shops, embassies, palaces, museums, beauty salons.

The whole world and everything in it is beautiful, but the most beautiful is a loving woman.


Reversed Card

The inverted card of the Empress means life helplessness, vanity, striving for social status, lack of family support.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

The Empress is considered a card with a very positive message in the area of love and relationships. It means fulfillment and harmony between partners. It predicts happy news and joyful surprises related to family life. This card, deeply permeated with maternal energy, more than once symbolizes the birth of a child and the mother’s love for it. On the other hand, with regard to the romantic relationship, the card signifies a surge of feelings and an end to old misunderstandings. In addition, the Empress card indicates the enormous potential that exists in a given relationship. This potential can be realized in the form of creating a happy, numerous family, as well as in the professional field, where the spouses support each other in this area or run a business together.

Card about Health

In the area of health, the Empress gives the questioner the favors he needs, a surge of life energy and vitality. It is a card of well-being, peace of mind, enjoying the beauty of nature and openness to higher powers. In the case of a woman, the empress often points to pregnancy and bringing a new life into the world. It encourages you to care for others as well as for yourself. It talks about accepting your physicality and taking care of your own body. It reminds us that fate is kind to us and that we should enjoy its gifts, among which health and peace of mind are among the most precious.

Tarot Card in Finances

The Empress Card that appears in response to job questions is a very good omen. The empress means the realization of plans and professional success. It represents an upcoming abundance, and therefore a cash flow, as well as a promotion or lucrative investment.

If the card points to the questioner, it tells about his managerial abilities, creative ideas and talent for management. It predicts the successful implementation of projects in which more people may be involved. It indicates the possibility of enjoying the fruits of your own work and effort.

For people working in the arts, the Empress card heralds an influx of creative forces, implementation of projects, success and sharing of their works with the public.

Jobs: House keeper, home salesman, house builder, florist, babysitter, manicurist, hairdresser, director, boss, managerial position, woman in power, vet, organizer of events or celebrations, artist, interior decorator, fashion designer.
Card number: 3
The Empress Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 3
Hebrew letter: Dalet ד

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