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The Emperor

The Major Arkana card, marked with the number four.

Card description

The Emperor card shows the ruler sitting on a throne with armrests decorated with sheep’s heads. They symbolize the zodiacal sign of Aries, traditionally assigned to this card. Like the astrological Aries, the Emperor expresses fiery creative energy, strong will and a desire to dominate his environment. It represents the splendor of having power and a person who watches over the observance of the law. The emperor shown on the card sits on a throne made of stone. According to some tarot players, the shape of the throne resembles a stone tablet in which Moses engraved the ten commandments constituting a specific code of conduct. Therefore, the imperial throne visible on the card symbolizes acting in accordance with strictly defined rules, as well as the resulting restrictions. There is a golden crown on the emperor’s head, and in his hands a scepter and an apple – the attributes of his power. Emperor’s legs, dressed in armor, protrude from under the red robes symbolizing splendor and fiery royal energy. The armor says that he is ready to fight to defend his authority, beliefs and views.

Power, law, order, rules, sense, reason, matter, constructor, man, strength, patriarchy, stubbornness, authority, anger.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

In Tarot, the Emperor represents the world ordered by man in opposition to the untamed world of nature that the Empress personifies. The Emperor is therefore the complement of the Empress, and at the same time is her opposite. While the Empress embodies the feminine energy of nature, associated with the emergence of new life chaos, the Emperor symbolizes the desire to harness and subjugate the primal forces of nature. It is the patriarchal energy of leadership, rationalism and domination. The Emperor’s Charter also represents legislation and supreme power – judicial and legislative. It embodies the values ​​associated with the traditional perception of the role of the father and the role of men in society. It is the energy of law and order without which human civilization cannot survive. Unfortunately, this energy can also lead to enslavement of the individual, to the birth of authoritarianism and tyranny.

Therefore, depending on the accompanying cards, the Emperor appearing in the schedule can talk about restrictions that we impose on ourselves. This card expresses stability, but also a rejection of changes that sometimes brings us in life. It says that by wanting to protect what we have, we lose the chance to gain something else that has been beyond our reach so far. That is why the Emperor card warns against short-sightedness and an overly protective approach to life. It signals that we may be unconsciously following a well-known and safe pattern in our lives, but which does not bring us deep happiness. Therefore, the Emperor card speaks of the need to get to know ourselves better, to listen to our own desires and emotions that we suppressed for some reason or that were rejected by us. As a symbol of cold calculation, the Emperor points out to make highly rational decisions, which, however, do not result from the deep needs of our heart.

In a negative sense, the Emperor also talks about pettiness, about cutting ourselves off from emotions, and even about the desire for revenge smoldering in us, as well as about our tendency to bully other people.

In relation to a person, the Emperor may personify the father or other mature man in the family. Often it is someone who adheres to traditional values ​​and can hardly accept behavior that deviates from well-known patterns. In addition, the card often symbolizes an Aries man who occupies a prominent position. It can be our boss, supervisor, lecturer or a senior official. He is a charismatic person as well as someone who intimidates us or makes us uneasy.

Card can represents places like old town, royal palace, dean’s office, lecture hall, office, state institution. museum, office, board meeting place, military facility

Trust your skills and knowledge to manage your own success.

Whoever wants to rule people should not chase them in front of him, but make them follow him. (Montesquieu)

Reversed Card

In a negative aspect Card speaks of improper exercise of power, weak character, lack of control over emotions and lack of determination.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

In the area of love and relationships, the Emperor card indicates the domination of reason over feelings. It can mean cutting yourself off or ignoring your own emotions, and not being able to talk about your feelings.

With regard to a person, the Emperor card indicates a mature man who enjoys authority and who exercises power over others in some area. He is a reliable person, able to offer the other side stability and security, especially on a material level. He is honest and expects the same from others.

In response to questions about relationships, in a negative aspect, the Emperor card may mean limitations and excessive masculine domination in the relationship, lack of spontaneity, the desire to appropriate a partner and also jealousy. The inverted Emperor card can stand for ruthlessness, psychological violence, severity, outbursts of anger and a lack of control over negative emotions.

Card about Health

In response to questions about health, the Emperor is a positive card that indicates good health, which is kept at a stable level.

Tarot Card in Finances

In work and financial schedules, the appearance of the Emperor card signifies the coming period of professional stabilization. The Charter advises to conscientiously follow the established rules and rules of conduct at work. It speaks of honesty towards business partners and contractors. It points to the possibility of earning money in those areas where our professional position is already well established.

Jobs: Businessmen, Politician, Mayor, Governor, Lecturer, Dean, Clerk, Judge, Dean, Lecturer, Teacher,, Policeman.
Card number: 5
The Emperor Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 5
Hebrew letter: Dalet ד

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.