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The Chariot

The Major Arkana card, marked with the number seven.

Card description

The Chariot Tarot Card, marked with the number seven, shows the coachman sitting in a speeding chariot that is pulling two mighty sphinxes. In some decks, the sphinxes are replaced by two lions or two horses of different colors, one of which is black and the other is black. The coachman holds the reins and a scepter, symbolizing the control of one’s own drives. It is the coachman who drives the chariot, but the speed is given by sphinxes or horses, which symbolize the wild, instinctive and untamed part of our nature. Thus, animals harnessed to a carriage can represent strong emotions, impulses and the power of the unconscious that needs to be controlled. Otherwise, the horses may bear, and the charioteer in the speeding chariot will be at their mercy.

Speed, momentum, change, spontaneity, efficiency, passion, journey, purpose, instinct.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The Chariot Card means that we need to control our impulses and emotions, which can turn out to be extremely strong. The Charter warns against being a slave to your own unconscious fears and your past decisions with far-reaching consequences. It reminds us that we ourselves should take over the reins of our own life and give it direction. If we have made a wrong decision in the past, we can always change course, even if we feel that things have gone too far. The Chariot card also tells you to use your energy wisely: don’t waste it on trivial matters, don’t let others rob others of our ideas, our resources, and our time. Only in this way can our dreams and plans gain speed and power symbolized by the Chariot. You should not be passive to the flow of things, but take responsibility and fight for yourself. If we do this, Chariot promises a surge of energy, strength and optimism to boldly implement ambitious plans. The card reminds us of dreams that we may have abandoned at some point and tells us that now is finally the time to make them come true. It encourages bold undertakings, to get out of the comfort zone and to confront our fears. Only in this way are we able to regain control of our own lives.

The Chariot expresses speed, unexpected change, strong emotions and life momentum. Depending on the question asked, this timetable may announce the arrival of important, unexpected news, taking responsibility for others, and a journey on which a lot may depend. This card can be an announcement of emigration undertaken for economic purposes and material prosperity. It is also a harbinger of the coming of life changes that will not entirely depend on us.

Like any other Tarot card, depending on the layout, the Chariot can have both positive and negative meanings. The negative pronunciation of this card is about losing control of our own life or some aspect of it – as if it was the horses, not the charioteer, that would decide where the chariot would go. He can talk about nervous problems, about an emotional breakdown, about succumbing to impulses, and about becoming entangled in some dangerous situation. In a negative aspect, Chariot also means a propensity to take risks, as a result of which a lot can be lost, both in business and in private life.

In relation to a person, Chariot means someone very active, gifted with charisma. This is someone who is able to harness others to achieve their goals and is focused on achieving them.

Card can represents places like highway, some longer road or trip, airport, railway station, parking or travel agency, road, street, parking lot, gas station, airport, sports stadium, race track

Take life into your hands and follow your own planned path.

Self-mastery is the highest power.
(Lucius Annaeus Seneca Minor)

Reversed Card

The Inverted Chariot speaks of an inability to plan and person who act impulsively. It can mean an inability to break free from a toxic person.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

Chariot is a card related to the element of water, and water represents strong, deep emotions that connect both partners. In questions about the relationship, Chariot announces a breakthrough, which may be both the entry into a new relationship and the end of the old one. In close relationships, Chariot means both a strong attraction and a push between partners. A relationship can be full of ups and downs, break-ups, comebacks and other upheavals. The people who make it up, like the black and white steeds on the Chariot card, are next to each other, but at the same time each of them is pulling their way. The partners will either learn to function in this turbulent relationship by mastering the art of compromise, but their paths will diverge at some point. The card indicates that it is worth fighting for a given relationship, because the partners have a strong mutual fascination and are able to drive each other to action.

Card about Health

The Chariot generally speaks of good health, the vital force of which seems almost endless. Depending on the breakdown, it may indicate recovery, strengthening the body and, in the case of women, a happy birth. From time to time, the card may indicate the risk of an injury related to sports, especially in the area of the legs and hips.

Tarot Card in Finances

The card indicates financial prosperity. In the area of work, The Chariot encourages the implementation of ambitious projects and concentration of energy on one’s own plans. Opening up to a new professional area or field of knowledge can bring significant benefits. In addition, the card indicates the performance of work related to travel, travel or frequent trips.

Jobs: businessman, pilot, alpinist, courier, truck driver, ambulance driver, taxi driver, travel agent, tour leader, liaison officer, flight attendant, ship captain or shipping worker
Card number: 7
The Chariot Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 7
Hebrew letter: Chet ח

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