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The Major Arkana card, marked with number fourteen.

Card description

Temperance is a Tarot Card marked with the number fourteen, associated with the astrological Sagittarius. Most of the decks on this card show a woman holding two identical vessels in her hands and concentrating on pouring water or wine from one to the other. On the deck we are discussing, instead of a woman, there is a winged angel pouring a trickle of water between two golden cups. One foot of the angel is immersed in a lake or pond and the other is on land. This way of positioning the characters suggests a perfect balance between the two elements. The character symbolically stands on the border of two worlds that influence and complement each other. The character’s face expresses focus on the activity he is doing. The angel pays close attention not to drop a single drop of water from either of the two cups. Two golden goblets correspond to two golden flowers bent over the surface of the water, which symbolize flowering and growth thanks to cooperation and mindfulness.

Harmony, reconciliation, restraint, modesty, perseverance, patience.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The Temperance Tarot Card is also known as Balance or Restraint. Depending on the schedule, this card can carry many positive messages. In its most fundamental sense, it speaks of harmony and reconciliation, as well as the stability of relationships, both in private life and in business. The charter emphasizes the importance of such qualities as prudence, modesty, moderation, kindness and impartiality. It encourages the amicable settlement of conflicts and disputes with people around us. It says that tact and diplomacy can significantly contribute to our goals. He informs that it is time to start talks important to us, which should take place in a friendly atmosphere.

In addition, this card speaks of gratitude and the ability to enjoy the little pleasures that life offers us every day. In relation to a person, it indicates someone who has the ability to be introspective. This is someone who is aware of his own feelings and, moreover, is characterized by high emotional maturity. He is responsible and attentive, although he may appear secretive.

In a negative aspect, The Temperance can warn against delaying decisions in time, against stagnation and against excessive passivity. In this context, the card speaks of looking away from the problems that surround us. In a negative aspect, this card can symbolize someone who does not live life to the full, but only vegetates. In such an approach, the character on the card is too busy pouring water from one cup to another, repeating the same sequence of movements over and over, painstaking work or exhausting everyday routine to see the beauty of the world around him. Temperance can also mean someone who struggles to make ends meet. This is someone who works to please others, but his energy is consumed more and more, and he is wasting precious time on nothing worth repeating the patterns instilled in him.

Card can represents places like parks, forests, lakes, rivers, diplomatic posts, embassies, border crossings, psychologist's, officecourts or some place where people can negotiate.

Practice your inner labyrinth, meditate, and learn emotional stabilization

Be nice to the people you meet upstairs because they are the same people you meet when you go downstairs.

Reversed Card

Reversed Temperance means discouragement, lack of motivation, or laziness. Also it can mean impatience, loneliness or impulsiveness.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

Temperance means a stable and harmonious relationship in which, however, passion may be lacking. It is a relationship in which the partners understand each other perfectly and complement each other. They can inspire each other. Temperance also speaks of a relationship that can be an excellent basis for starting a family and planning a future together future.

In a negative position, The Temperance charter speaks of a union made with reason, where common arrangements and mutual declarations are not backed by deep feelings. The card encourages you to ask yourself what is most important to me in your relationship. It is worth asking yourself whether the relationship has a future ahead, or whether we are together as partners only out of habit or because of the fear of loneliness.

Card about Health

In the area of health, The Temperance tab deals with the harmony between the soul and the body. It may mean that you have to restrict yourself, such as having a proper diet or giving up sugar, to stay healthy and improve your overall body function. In a negative position, the card suggests that you should pay attention to signals sent by our urinary system, if any. In addition, regardless of the location, the card advises to reduce stress and replace it with gratitude for all the gifts of fate.

Tarot Card in Finances

In the field of work and finance, The Temperance card emphasizes the ability to efficiently and sensibly manage assets. It means talent for investment and a harmonious cash flow, balance between earnings and expenses. The card is a promise that we will not be in any financial danger in the near future. It indicates that in our lives today there is a period of increasing wealth or a period of rational savings for a goal that we want to achieve in the future, such as the purchase of land or a house. In addition, an Angel in perfect balance, holding two golden cups, signifies a company or enterprise that is prospering well and steadily. The charter also speaks of the possibility of acquiring considerable fortune in the future at the expense of current sacrifices.

Jobs: Diplomat, Negotiator, Firefighter, Translator, Gardener, Psychologist, Joga Teacher. Diplomat, doctor, nurse, guardian, translator, social worker, flight attendant, telephone operator, carer
Card number: 14
Temperance Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 5
Hebrew letter: Samech ס

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