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The Major Arkana card, marked with the number eight.

Card description

The Strength card is related to the astrological Lion – the animal that is in the center of the image on the card. The lion is tamed here by a woman in a long robe. Depending on the interpretation, the female opens or closes the lion’s mouth. In this way, he symbolically shows courage, dominates animal instincts and is able to avert potential danger. A woman’s face expresses gentleness and peace because its power comes from within. There is a wreath on the woman’s head, which was an attribute of the god Apollo during the antiquity. A laurel wreath was used to adorn the heads of victorious leaders and athletes. Additionally, an infinity symbol floats above the woman’s head. Its shape resembles a figure eight on its side, which is also the number assigned to the Strength card, interchangeable with the number eleven.

Strength, power, agency, calmness, self-control, integration, dedication, perseverance, gentleness, compassion.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The Strength Tarot Card tells about a victory achieved without the use of violence or aggression. It reminds us that the source of our true strength lies within us. The card speaks of this inner strength of man, the ability to overcome adversities, and the ability to turn difficult situations to our advantage. Depending on the accompanying cards in the schedule, the Strength card may also mean that we need to direct our energy in the right way. It talks about the need to control ourselves, over our low instincts, in order to show compassion, respect and help to people in our immediate vicinity. Not only enthusiasm, but also willpower and great persistence will be needed to implement ambitious tasks and projects that we undertake. Fortunately, the Strength card reminds us that we already have everything necessary to achieve our goals. You just need to reach for our internal resources and believe in yourself.

Sometimes The Strength card speaks of the need to appreciate yourself. It reminds us that the greatest motivation is the one that comes from ourselves and until we realize it, we are not able to act with full power. The difficulties and challenges that come our way, like the lion on the way of the woman on the card, are able to bring out the best in us. It is possible that at this point we are not yet fully aware of our inner power. Then the card may predict that this will change soon. We will realize that we can do a lot when we get rid of our misconceptions about ourselves and the limitations that bind us. The card says that it is worth facing your fear and taking the initiative in action.

Card can represents places like court, city hall or in the nature like mountains, forests, zoo, physiotherapist's office, circus tent, sports hall, stadium, playground.

Find your inner strength.

Peace of mind creates the right values, the right values lead to the right thoughts. Right thoughts lead to right actions.

(Mark Richardson)

Reversed Card

Inverted Strength Tarot Card speaks of self-righteousness, vindictiveness, prejudice, excess of something, misfortune or blind pursuit of perfectionism.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

The Strength card represents a passionate relationship. It talks about feelings that are very difficult to resist. Negatively, such feelings can take the form of an obsession with the person, a need for control, or excessive jealousy on the part of one of the partners. In this case, the Strength card reminds you that higher feelings such as compassion, patience, gentleness and goodness should be balanced by strong emotions such as jealousy and purely physical desire, embodied on the card by the lion. Otherwise, the strength of our feelings may turn against ourselves.

Card about Health

The Strength card has a very successful meaning in relation to health. It is a card of vitality, harmony between body and soul, good condition and high vibrations. Sometimes, however, he can talk about problems related to intimate life.

Tarot Card in Finances

The Strength card speaks of work related to our inner vocation. It reminds us of the profession we dreamed of doing when we were children. The sign of the Lion, associated with the strength card, is associated with our inner child. It means the area of ​​our interests and a workplace that activates our creativity. The Strength card can therefore mean turning our passion or hobby into a paid job or an additional source of income. The card promises a flow of money thanks to the use of our natural talents and our own predispositions. It encourages you to think about your own business and to engage in activities that give us genuine pleasure. If we are stuck in a workplace purely for money, the card says that alternatives are worth looking for. It advises you to seriously think about work that will give us fulfillment and thanks to which we will rediscover our true value. Getting out of your comfort zone may prove to be a lot easier than we think.

Jobs: Veterinarian, Animal Trainer, Negotiators, Physiotherapist, Sportsman, Doctor, Fireman, Policeman Professions requiring strength and courage, Docker, Lumberjack, Wrestler, ,
Card number: 8
Strength Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 8
Hebrew letter: Tet ט

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