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The Major Arkana card, marked with the number twenty.

Card description

The Judgment also known as The Last Judgment is marked with the number twenty in Tarot. Both the name of the card and its symbolism refer to the biblical event described in the Revelation of St. John. As in the Bible, the Judgment in Tarot also foreshadows the impending end. As the penultimate card of the Great Arcans, the Last Judgment heralds the completion of the Fool’s completion of his metaphorical journey to Enlightenment. Before this happens, however, it is necessary to summarize the journey made and all the experiences gained during it.

The Judgment card is dominated by the figure of an angel blowing a trumpet floating in the sky. He is a divine herald who calls the dead to appear in judgment. We can see that the dead respond to this call. The lower part of the card shows open graves and naked people emerging from them. In the foreground there are a man, a woman and a child rising from the graves. They raise their hands towards the angel in a gesture of propitiation or prayer. Their nakedness speaks of the fact that nothing can hide from the divine court. No sin will be overlooked. Everyone must look at himself and at others with complete impartiality in order to be truly honest in judging his own actions.

Judgment, reconciliation, cleansing, recovery, listening, summary, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, maturity, karma.

Card Vibration

Card meaning

The Judgment is a card of important life summaries. It means that some things are ripe for us to look at them from a broader perspective and to evaluate them in a new light. This powerful card speaks of the need to close a certain stage in our lives. It emphasizes the need to learn lessons that are important to us for the future.

Moreover, The Judgment appearing in the decomposition testifies to the fact that the questioner has reached a certain degree of internal maturity. Our way of seeing ourselves and others has changed, our perspective has widened. This is why we are able to look at our own past, which is symbolized on the card by graves and the dead, from a different perspective than before. This prospect often brings some bitterness, anxiety, and guilt. We are starting to see the mistakes we have made in the past. We see the people we have hurt and made suffering for, even if that wasn’t our goal. For this reason, the Last Judgment card is also a compensation card for our faults. By appearing on the schedule, this card calls us to pay off our karmic debts that we have recently contracted. It also says that we should try to forgive our enemies. In this way, through internal cleansing, we will prepare ourselves for a new stage that is to come in our lives in the future. For this to happen, however, we are forced to sort out and close old matters. Thanks to this, we will enter a future, new reality, represented by the next card of the Great Arcana – the World – freed from the burden of the past.
It happens that the Last Judgment card speaks of family or neighborhood disputes and conflicts that should be resolved.

It happens that a conflict or a dispute requires an official resolution – in this case, the final court announces a valid court decision or a divorce case.

The Judgment card emphasizes the importance of honesty and honesty with oneself. It says that it is worth forgiving and striving for reconciliation, but warns against creating a false harmony, against hypocrisy and hypocrisy. The card indicates that past resentments can be forgiven, but that does not mean that they should be forgotten. The memory of past events and the lessons learned from them for the future are important and priceless baggage that we should take with us on our journey in life.

Card can represents places like Court, family home, place of memories, examination room, notary's office, cemetery, farmland, courtroom, orphanage, concert hall, music-related places, confessional.

Think about your past and learn to draw from it what is best for you.

I don’t regret the people I lost over time … but I do regret the time I lost with some people because people didn’t belong to me, years yes.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

Reversed Card

Reversed Judgment Card is about losing, the path we went through didn’t give us enough profits. We should respect ourselves and our surroundings more. The inverted card can talk about loss, loneliness, and the karma that comes to us as a consequence of our past actions

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

In the area of love and relationships, the Judgment card tells you to close a stage or to make an important life decision. It can mean both a wedding and a divorce, or the reunion of two people after a long separation. The charter may suggest that certain topics and matters in a relationship need to be discussed together and worked through as important life circumstances change.

Card about Health

The Judgment card means overcoming a serious illness, significantly improving health, but also receiving a diagnosis that is important to us. This is important health news, test results, positive information from a doctor. However, in a negative aspect, the card sometimes informs about problems in the head area, including problems in the functioning of the hearing organ.

Tarot Card in Finances

In the area of finance, it is believed that The Judgment card informs about the appearance of an inheritance or about important entries in the will. The card can mean a visit to the court or notary public, as well as real estate and land related matters. Moreover, depending on the schedule, the Final Court announces significant changes in professional life, such as changing jobs, starting new studies, additional training courses, learning a foreign language or taking up a new position. The card informs about the prospects for development and promotion that appear before us. However, in order to take full advantage of them, old cases should be mentioned and old contracts should be fulfilled.

Jobs: Work in a family business or enterprise. Running a family children's home, judge, doctor, psychiatrist, ambulance driver, fireman, research worker, journalist, speaker, musician.
Card number: 20
Judgment Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 2
Hebrew letter: Shin ש

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.