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The World

The Major Arkana card, marked with number twenty one.

Card meaning

The World Card is presented as a woman dancing on a round wreath or on the planet earth. The card symbolizes the end and the beginning. It is The Fool’s Tarot Card at the end of his journey through the Major Arcana of Tarot. The Fool who traverses all stages of the Tarot path has gained a new energy and new perspective on the world view. He is no longer as naive and innocent as at the beginning of his journey. He gained confidence and have the world at his feet again. He threw away his mask, gaining experience and merged with the universe. He is ready to begin his journey. The Card is a symbol of fulfillment and awareness. It is a symbol of the end and achievement of the setted goal. It is a symbol of seeing the true nature of things. Even if he return to everyday life, he becomes more aware. Some changes have already taken place in himself and enlightenment makes him resistant to world around him but also causes some limitations. He is aware that one human being cannot make everything and now he know what to do with himself.

Card can represents places like airport, bus stop, some big city.
Everything you’ve worked for begins to exist.

Reversed Card

Reversed World Card speaks about weakness, stress, delay, aggressiveness, intolerance and inappropriate approach to the situation and environment. Card in this position also mean unfinished plans, delayed success or that some plans have been interrupted.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

Card shows happiness in a relationship, good relations, harmony. It is also a symbol of a peaceful life without unpleasant surprises.It can also be a meeting with a charismatic person with a good influence or with someone from another part of the world. It can also symbolize the birth of a child.

Card about Health

The World Card speaks of good health and well-being. It can mean health problems such as various phobias, depression, neurosis.

Tarot Card in Finances

The World Card means fulfillment at work. Symbolizes such events as financial appreciation, raise or promotion. You may even feel confident in your financial situation. Profits will come from the work you’ve done before.

Jobs: IT specialist, Hacker, Interior designer, Travelers, Explorers, Developers, Dancers.
Card number: 21
The World Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 3
Hebrew letter: Tav ת

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.