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The Lovers

The Major Arkana card, marked with the number six.

Card meaning

The Lovers card shows a pair of lovers, joined in a loving embrace. The lovers presented on the card do not look at each other and their eyes are closed. They are separate units but together they form a whole. It should be remembered that it applies not only to love relationships, but to all interpersonal relationships. Closed eyes indicate a kind of barrier between them, emphasizing that, despite the amalgamation of love, they remain two independent spirits. Their nakedness symbolizes openness and honesty. Their surroundings are full of intimacy, passion and mystery. The card tells of an intimate relationship and the impact of this relationship on a person’s choices and decisions. Adjacent cards have a significant influence here. The card is a symbol of a relationship between two people.

Card can represents places like Keep in mind other person views and beliefs
Keep in mind other person views and beliefs

Reversed Card

Reversed Lovers show unhappy love, jealousy, dangerous romance. It can mean about broken love or relationship. It can also be infidelity or even adultery. Business contract with some contractor comes to an end.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

Lovers signify romantic events, such as an engagement, wedding, or wedding anniversary. It means lust and fascination with another person. Singles can meet new partner or even a fulfillment love.

Card about Health

The Lovers symbolizes internal balance. Possible health problems are related to paired organs such as lungs, kidneys and sex glands.

Tarot Card in Finances

There may be a chance for a project related to art. There is a possibility that you will have to make a choice concern business partner. The card tells about a person who loves his job and performs it with due diligence.

Jobs: Poet, Singer, Painter, Wedding Planner, Marriage Counselor, Negotiator.
Card number: 6
The Lovers Yes or No : Yes
Numerological vibration : 6
Hebrew letter: Zayin ז

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.