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The Hierophant

The Major Arkana card, marked with number five.

Card meaning

The Hierophant Card is shown as a man dressed in a habit-like clothes. The card shows the image of the high priest whatever kind of faith. The card depicts the image of the high priest of any faith as a symbol of peace, tranquility of mind and contemplation. He is a guru or teacher who is a support in difficult times and makes people aware that human life has a higher purpose. It presents the paths of spiritual development, inner enlightenment or even revelation. It symbolizes openness to a deeper knowledge of the world than what is visible at first view. The Hierophant contains instructions concerning conscience and subconsciousness, thanks to which a person can find the right path for himself. The Card may tell that a person only accepts his moral principles as being right and does not accept others.

Card can represents places like cathedral, church, monument, religious building, some occult or mystical group, psychotherapeutic office, nursing home.

Reversed Card

An inverted Hierophant Card can mean about moral decline, a rebellion against the rules or even a toxic person. The card in this position speaks of a spiritual crisis, imposing own views on others or intolerance.

Fool card about Feelings

(Relationship, Love)

The Hierophant Card means about planning a wedding, engagement or marriage ceremony. It also stands for a successful relationship in which spiritual and moral values are very important. The Card tells about a good partner and a relationship without disloyalty.

Card about Health

The card indicates reconciliation as one of the elements of recovery. Treatment with traditional medicine and the presence of a person who will provide spiritual support during treatment.

Tarot Card in Finances

The Card suggests more to be guided by spiritual values and working for others. This card is more about giving up material wealth. It may telling about the possibility of giving a lecture, giving private lessons, teaching someone what is important to you. Support for Your team or coworkers may be needed which should be based on experience and inner thoughts.

Jobs: Some Cleric, Theologian, Spiritual Advisor, Monk, Teacher, Lecturer, Lawyer.
Card number: 5
The Hierophant Yes or No : Maybe
Numerological vibration : 5
Hebrew letter: Vau ו

Remember to have your own interpretation. Focus and feel individual energy that flows from the Tarot Card.